Energy Monitor Accessories

Network OWL

Bring your energy monitoring online by adding a Network OWL to your existing energy monitor - giving you the functionality of an Intuition -e.

Small Sensor  - 70A capacity (Part No. TSE000-001)

To convert from single phase to 3 phase monitoring.  NOTE requires a Transmitter with three input sockets - please check before buying.

Large Sensor - 200A capacity (Part No. TSE000-002)

For upgrading to high capacity monitoring, single or 3 phase

Smart Energy Monitor Accessories

Intuition 3 Channel Transmitter (Part No. TSE200-001)

To add Electricity Monitoring functionality to Intuition Smart Heating Control installations. Requires one or more Sensors as applicable.

Intuition-pv Y Cable Pack (Part No. TSE200-010)

For Intuition-pv Type 2 installations