Thank you for purchasing an OWL Intuition System - we hope that your experience with the product so far has been enjoyable and that you've gained as much knowledge from your OWL energy monitoring and control as possible.

In order to continue using OWL Intuition beyond its initial 2 years' warranty and free subscription period, you will need to purchase a two-year subscription priced at £22.95 (VAT inclusive). This is mere pennies a day; but will allow us to continue to maintain and upgrade our infrastructure to support our growing client base.

If you wish to purchase a subscription please submit the form below; this will take you to a paypal page to process your payment, completion of which will immediately extend your current subscription by two years from the date it would cease, or otherwise put a subscription immediately into effect (if one is not already present).

You can then check this by logging into your online dashboard and clicking on "devices" -> "Network OWL".

If you are having trouble finding your MAC ID please refer to our FAQ article at:

Purchase a Subscription

Network OWL MAC ID