Returns Policy

All OWL products have a warranty associated with them. This entitles you to a replacement or repair of purchased OWL products within a specified period of time (normally two years) from date of purchase, provided that there is a defect with the unit.  In order to facilitate this you are required to present dated proof of purchase before we will consider providing a returns number.

All returned products must be given a returns number or we will be unable to process them.

In the event that you believe a unit is faulty or non-functional in any shape or form please place an enquiry on our customer support help desk; one of our customer service team members will take up the ticket and discuss the issue with you. If the problem can be resolved through email or telephone conversation then we will do our best to resolve the problem this way - otherwise we will issue a returns number and organise a returns envelope to be provided.

Replacement units will only be issued upon identification (at our offices) of a faulty unit. The sole exception to this is heating controls; where it would be considered irresponsible of us to leave you without any form of heating control. In these cases we will ship a replacement heating control as soon as possible to your desired address alongside the aforementioned returns envelope.

If we do not receive the faulty unit back from any individual to whom we've sent a heating control, we will take payment for the new unit sent out - this is solely to protect 2 Save Energy from fraud.

If you do not wish to receive a replacement unit and simply wish to return your product for a refund, we would require that you return the product to the reseller as per their returns policy and statutory responsibility. They will provide your refund and pass the items on to us for their own reimbursement of the cost they paid for the unit or a credit of that unit.

If you are a reseller wishing to return goods, please contact us via our help desk where our support team will ensure your information is passed on to the appropriate members of staff and we can resolve the matter as per any arrangement between ourselves and your company. Please note that any returned goods that have no fault would either be returned to you or restocked by ourselves at a restocking cost of 25% of the value of the goods returned.