Become an Accredited Installer

Register as an installer of OWL Energy monitoring and OWL Heating and Hot Water Controls

Only accredited UK installers are promoted through our website - this ensures that our customers can receive the best possible service when our products are being installed. If you'd like to be listed as an accredited installer, it’s as simple as this:

  • Fill out and submit the form below.
  • We’ll put your details on our website at so customers can get in touch with you directly.
  • If you ever get stuck on an installation, please contact the installer support number (as will be emailed to you upon acceptance of your submission) and we'll provide all support necessary.
  • Provided that you continue to competently install our units you'll remain on the website indefinitely.

If you wish to become an installer in countries outside of the UK please contact the appropriate international partner to discuss purchasing opportunities. Unfortunately we are not currently listing international installers on our website; however this is something we are considering for the future.