Energy Saving for Businesses

for Light Commercial and Office Environments

The need to save energy costs is a big issue for many SME businesses these days.  At OWL we understand this and have a specifically designed product to help meet the need.

OWL Intuition-lc (for Light Commercial) is a 3 phase web enabled Smart Electricity Monitor that enables you (or your maintenance team) to monitor consumption in real time on any web enabled device.  The Intuition Web Dashboard shows digital and graphical representations of consumption by individual phase.  This means you can see unusual demand, imbalanced phases, and so on – at a glance.

Intuition-lc can be set up to monitor the whole premises, or smaller sections such as machine shops, cold storage, particular floors, etc.

Increasingly adopted by Energy Audit professionals as a highly cost effective means of analysing usage, OWL Intuition-lc should give a very quick return by helping you monitor and control your energy usage in a way you have never done before.