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Gerry T:

I thought that you would like to know that Owl is now showing a correlation of 99.71% when compared with the FIT meter readings, taken over the last 18 days. I couldn't be happier with these readings and would like to thank you once again for your time, effort and patience in helping me with this. I will certainly be recommending Owl to any of my friends who have solar panels (or thinking about having them fitted) as the system has really brought my electrical energy consumption and cost to the fore. It's an excellent diagnostic tool to have!

Since installing Owl I've become far more aware of electrical energy consumption and I'm now on a rolling programme of fitting low energy light bulbs in every light socket, besides using other electrical goods at more specific times during the day. It really is an excellent product

Michael D:

The OWL has for the first time shed light on exactly what load is being taken by AC units in the villa and the pool three phase heat pump demand etc  during the summer season so is a brilliant tool and I am very pleased with it and sing its praises  to all my friends here who also have villas like mine. Keep up the good work.

Mike L:

Customer Service of this level is hard to find these days. The Technical team at Owl went beyond the call of duty in order to resolve the issues encountered with my particular setup of consumer unit, feed and solar PV array. Even a mix up over the equipment ordered was resolved swiftly in an extremely professional manner. I now have an OWL system that monitors my electricity usage and solar generation recording it all online. I can access these details in real time via the internet or smart phone app - Amazing products supported by an amazing technical support team. I will be recommending OWL to all. Thanks again guys!

Philip L:

What a great product! I purchased and installed an Intuition pv and absolutely love it!! Quite a few colleagues at work have solar panels and I'm "spreading the word" about Owl Intuition...

Trust your company will go from strength to strength

Drew S:


Many thanks for getting back to me.

I did a bit more research on Sunday and found what I needed. I bought the OWL Micro + 2 from B&Q and it works perfectly. Was easy to setup too.

I think OWL products are excellent as is the service I have received from yourself with various questions I have had.

Jeff R:

Dear Sir

First I have got to say that I have never passed comment on a bought product before; I always think that the sales blurb should be accurate and no comment should be necessary - that has now changed.

I was introduced to owl intuition by a friend of mine; he had bought intuition-e with heating room sensor. After a great deal of questions to him I decided to dive in and buy both products. What a brilliant product - looks good and was easy to set up.

Being able to monitor my electricity use and utilize a remote heating control with its own monitoring has totally changed the way I use both. I noticed my recovery rate for heating after night time shutdown is very close to continuous running time, when the temperature drops over winter it may well be more economical to leave the heating on overnight, I would never have seen that without your product. Ambient electrical costs are another issue which needs to be addressed. Once installed it’s so easy to log on and monitor it all, and no extra costs such as annual fee.  I have only had owl for a week and am so impressed I have already recommended it two others.

Brilliant product would recommend to anyone. 

Andy E:

The heating controller is amazing! Compared to the same period last year I used over 60% less gas! All other things being equal other than the weather this is stellar.

Bob M:

Just the most excellent service I've ever received from a help desk. Pleasant, assured, completely knowledgeable and patient and I believe has completely satisfied this end customer.

Mike G:

I got an Owl Intuition system installed today, and there were problems getting the various units to pair, etc. I thought I would be without heating for the weekend. I raised a support ticket, and you got back to me within a couple of hours. Talked to a chap who walked me through diagnostic procedures, then did remote firmware upgrades, and all that jazz.

Result: working system and a happy customer. I consider this first class customer service.

Harvey W:

Dear Sirs

Having had a full heating system, with your room and tank sensor, running for 2 winters, I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the results. Apart from the ability to remotely control my heating and hot water, which in itself reduces my fuel usage, I’m convinced my house is warmer; and have used less oil - due, I believe, to the intelligent control the system affords.

I have an old property with a gravity fed hot water system which did present a few challenges but with the help of your excellent technical staff I was able to get the system working very well.

Many thanks for an excellent system.