Energy Monitors

The OWL produce a variety of energy monitoring solutions - both intuition-based and standalone.

Something to be aware of when selecting your monitoring product is the type of supply you have at your property - single-phase or three-phase. A single-phase supply simply has one incoming cable, and one outgoing cable for your property. Three-phase supplies (as the name suggests) has three cables running in - however only tends to have a single cable running out. The easiest way to tell is this: how many cables does your electricity meter have? If four, you have a single-phase system. If more than four, it is most definitely three-phase.

Different products may or may not be compatible with three-phase supplies and so it is important to ensure you understand the above thoroughly. Similarly, some products may not work where solar panels are installed - or at least not in all cases. Please contact our help desk if you need further assistance in this regard - however all products will note their compatibility with the above in their respective pages.