OWL+USB Software October 2018

Software Download and Installation

If you are installing this software for the first time or updating from another 2018 version, simply click on the button below to download the latest OWL+USB Software.

If you are instead updating a pre-2018 installation, we've made a few
changes to the software that will require you to take some action
before installing the new version:

  • On your PC with the software installed, please navigate to C:\ProgramData\, right click on the "2SE" folder located here, and click "copy" in the context menu that appears.

  • Press the "windows" key on your keyboard, and type "%appdata%" (without the quotes) - then hit enter.

  • This will open the "Appdata\Roaming" folder on your PC. Right click on some white space in the folder, and click "paste". This will copy your 2SE folder from earlier here.

  • You should now be all set to uninstall the existing software installation, and download and install your new version of software!

Patch Notes - V1.2.5 - English/European Software Version October 2018

These patch notes are a brief overview of major fixes and changes, and do not reflect all works carried out.

- Export feature fixes and extra debug added.

- Added redundancy checks for non-standard installation locations

- Removed unnecessary debug output from status bar