OWL+USB Software January 2018

Software Download and Installation

If you are installing this software for the first time, simply click on the button below to download the latest OWL+USB Software.

If you are instead updating your existing software installation, we've made a few
changes to the software that will require you to take some action
before installing the new version:

  • On your PC with the software installed, please navigate to C:\ProgramData\, right click on the "2SE" folder located here, and click "copy" in the context menu that appears.

  • Press the "windows" key on your keyboard, and type "%appdata%" (without the quotes) - then hit enter.

  • This will open the "Appdata\Roaming" folder on your PC. Right click on some white space in the folder, and click "paste". This will copy your 2SE folder from earlier here.

  • You should now be all set to uninstall the existing software installation, and download and install your new version of software!

Patch Notes - V1.2.0 - English/European Software Version Jan 2018

These patch notes are a brief overview of major fixes and changes, and do not reflect all works carried out.

- Groundwork prepared for old data import functionality (legacy to current).

- Fixed rare issue with Professional Editions of windows where write permissions were not being assigned correctly.

- Fixed "Hang" in "Searching for OWL+USB" code.

- Fixed peculiar long-term totals due to duplicate records in database file.