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Welcome to Summertime!

Posted by admin on May 26, 2015

Many of you may have noticed that your heating systems will have stopped turning on over the bank holiday weekend - indeed we've had quite a few people enquiring about this!

The culprits of this are the summer mode settings - which disable your heating over the summer months to reduce your costs. By default this is configured to be from the 24th May to the 24th September.

Between these (configurable) dates your heating will only turn on if requested by pressing "comfort" or "boost" on the dashboard or room sensor. Upon pressing either of these, your heating will turn on - and then resume normal operation (as per your programmed time clock) for the rest of the day. The next day, summer mode will kick in again.

This makes better use of the natural heat provided by the sun during these months - and by doing so reduces your costs and carbon emissions.

To configure your summer mode settings, simply navigate to the "System" widget on your online dashboard, and click "set season dates". This will provide a comprehensive settings panel allowing you to set the dates which the system will consider as "summer" - giving you full control over your system.